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Insynque Solutions Limited prides itself in the provision of quality and excellent ICT Products & Services. We provide the latest technology allowing us to give our customers the best service possible. If you have been thinking of ICT solutions to maximize your potential by meeting your future objectives and achieving your goals more effectively and efficiently, Insynque Solutions Company is more than willing to be part of this realization to your organization


    •INSACCO is a complete and comprehensive software that runs and manages savings and credit organizations.
    •The system is highly accessible (over public or private network). It is scalable and enables an organization handle a group of members and increases efficiency within laborious processes and workflow.
    •Accurate and timely reports.
    •Centralized Member/customer transaction data.
    •Savings & Loans product management
    •Ledger, cashbooks & automated books of accounts.
    •Member self service portal where members may apply for loan deposit balance e.t.c.
    Continued development of features with changing technology

    Operating System

    Wasomi App is a mobile application that links parents, teachers & students. It manages school and student diaries, tracks progress of students, disseminate information faster and creates a collaboration platform with the education space of parents-teachers-student relations. This replaces the manual diaries schools enforce and eases the cumbersome information flow between them. It also creates a digital repository to easily manage data in schools. It is a must have for schools, parents, teachers and students alike.

    Navigation Patterns

    Say goodbye to manual submission of bursary applications, enlisting of human resource among other services. We have automated the process of application, evaluation and review of devolved bursaries by both public and private entities. County governments, constituencies, wards and CSR programmes of corporate as well as NGOs stand to benefit. This creates a seamless application process, an open evaluation and review with customized real-time reports for those applying, disbursed funds and any historical of the exercise. It reduces the burden on applicants of having to travel far for forms, saves the environment and entities of hard copy prints and ensures proper administration of records.

    Data Capacity
  • Mobile Solutions

    We create a mobile app experience that taps into your audience and grows your business online. Consider building a new app with our team. Some of our mobile app projects include:

    1. Greencowapp

    2. InReall

    3. 4Golf

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